Introduction to EPIN-coded Courses

The Required Course

EPIN2010 Toolkit for Entrepreneurs

Instructor: Prof. Dominic Chan
Offering Term: 1
Credits: 3

What are included?

  • Knowledge and skills essential for entrepreneurial success
  • Ability to plan and work out the specifics of an entrepreneurial endeavour
  • Confidence and acumen needed to propose and defend entrepreneurial or innovative projects

What skills will be acquired?

  • Go-to-market strategies
  • Operational competencies
  • Teamwork and communication
  • Resource and exit planning


Mindset & Values Courses

EPIN1010 Anatomy of an Entrepreneur

Instructor: Prof. Kevin Au
Offering Term: 1
Credits: 3

What are included?

  • An introduction to the mindset and values of an entrepreneur
  • Personal stories and experiences sharing from prominent figures and seasoned entrepreneurs with a wide array of topics

What skills will be acquired?

  • Personal insights, creative ideas, and market/ business information
  • New and diverse perspective in identifying opportunities and solving problems
  • Network with practitioners
  • Improvement on social resources

EPIN1020 Design Thinking and Practice

Instructor: Mr. Samson NG
Offering Term: 1
Credits: 3

What are included?

  • A human-centred design approach to the creative solution of problems
  • A tested innovation framework for businesses to minimise risks and maximise ROIs

What skills will be acquired?

  • Empathy
  • Insight
  • System thinking
  • Futures thinking
  • Critical thinking
  • Creativity

EPIN1030 The Psychology of Creativity and Innovation

Instructor: TBC
Offering Term: 1
Credits: 3

What are included?

  • Evidence-based psychological theories and various methodologies (quantitative and design thinking) to:
  • enhance your everyday creativity
  • understand current social issues
  • discover opportunities in entrepreneurial activities
  • First-hand experiences in conceptualizing your own social problems in the community

What skills will be acquired?

  • Psychological tools to enhance your own creativity
  • Methodologies to understand current social issues
  • Creative solutions for social issues and entrepreneurial activities using design thinking and an evidence-based approach


Knowledge & Skills Courses

EPIN3010 Business Models of Startups

Instructor: Prof. Andy Wong
Offering Term: 2
Credits: 3

What are included?

  • Definition and typology of business models
  • Key tools and techniques for designing and building business models
  • Various revenue and pricing models
  • The interaction between customer value proposition and business model design
  • Implementation of new business models

What skills will be acquired?

  • Ability to explain the purpose, role and importance of business models
  • Ability to analyse existing business models utilizing the course frameworks, tools and techniques, evaluate their strengths and limitations, and make recommendations for improvement
  • Ability to evaluate, design, and recommend innovative business models for entrepreneurial new ventures or businesses experiencing significant changes in their external environments.

EPIN3050 Media Production and Presentation

Instructor: Dr. TC Li
Offering Term: 1
Credits: 3

What are included?

  • Stages of production process
  • Understanding of time-based medium, concept of time and space
  • Visual structure, expression and communication
  • Sound design, effects, and recording
  • Camera operation, shot composition and movement,
  • Location and location shooting
  • Direct cinema and other styles of shooting approach
  • Basic lighting knowledge and technique: three-point lightings
  • Basic picture editing
  • Post-sound: from editing to final mix

What skills will be acquired?

  • Audio and video communication to support entrepreneurial activities
  • Storytelling in audio and visual production
  • Basic knowledge of film genres and language
  • Skills associated with audio and video production, including writing, producing, directing, shooting, and editing
  • Spread and distribute audio and video works


Practices Courses

EPIN2900/EPIN3900/EPIN4900 Internship in Entrepreneurship and Innovation I/II/III

Instructor: Prof. KF Wong
Offering Terms: 1 & 2
Credits: 1, 2 or 3

What are included?

  • A short-term internship to transfer the classroom learning to workplace activities and valuable exposure to different industry sectors and startup companies

What skills will be acquired?

  • Application of entrepreneurship and innovation theories and principles in a real-world setting
  • Basic understanding on the operation of a startup

EPIN3022 Innovation Bootcamp – Pivot to Succeed

Instructor: Prof. Kevin AU
Offering Term: 2
Credit: 1

What are included?

  • Intensive project with multi-disciplinary classmates and ventures
  • Real-life case studies
  • Guest lectures by entrepreneurs/inventors

What skills will be acquired?

  • Lean Startup approach
  • Prototyping
  • Pivot strategies for ventures

EPIN3040 Entrepreneurship Practicum

Instructor: Prof. Kevin AU
Offering Term: 2
Credits: 2

What are included?

  • Field work in entrepreneurial ventures to contribute to the real-life projects on user experience design, go-to-market, business model refinement, fund raising etc. with peers
  • Intensive preparation through lecture, exercises and visits
  • Guest lectures by accelerators/ angel groups

What skills will be acquired?

  • Diverse problem-solving skills in entrepreneurial world
  • Team-building skills

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