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Students are required to choose courses from three key areas and complete a minimum of 18 units:

For the study schemes, please visit the Undergraduate Student Handbook,

Mindset & Values

  • 3 – 6 units
  • E.g. Anatomy of an Entrepreneur

Knowledge & Skills

  • 6 – 12 units
  • E.g. IP Law for Entrepreneurs


  • 3 – 6 units
  • e.g. Bootcamps and practicums

Course & Unit Exemptions for Undergraduate Students

Exemptions are available to students who have taken relevant course(s) on approved exchange programmes, Diploma, Higher Diploma or Teacher’s Certificate programmes.

The applications for exemption will be decided based on the recommendation of the EPIN Programme Director, subject to approval by the Faculty Dean. Students should consult the programme concerned on the possibility of obtaining exemptions before making an application.

EPIN Application Guidelines and Procedures

  1. Students should consult the EPIN programme by filling in this form before attending the course.
  2. Students should submit the application for course & unit exemptions on CUSIS and follow the instructions to upload a softcopy of the required documents. Students can also track their application status on CUSIS.
    The application will be forwarded to the relevant departments for consideration and approval ONLY after all the required documents (see below) are received/inspected. Once the application is approved by the Faculty Dean, a “Statement of Course & Unit Exemptions” will be sent to the student for record keeping.

Documents Required for Application on CUSIS

  1. Certificates/Diplomas – please upload the photocopy as required. Students MUST submit the original(s) for inspection in person to the Registration and Examinations Section.
  2. Transcripts – students should ask the institution(s) concerned to forward transcript(s), where applicable, directly to the Registration and Examinations Section.
  3. Course descriptions – copies of the content/outline of the courses taken at other institutions.
    For more details, please visit Registration and Examination Section with the link below,