About Us

pronounced as “/’e-pin/”,
sound similar to “epic”
is a university-wide minor programme

Vision and Mission

The Minor Programme in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (EPIN) is a pioneering programme founded in 2017, the first of its kind in Hong Kong. The curriculum design adopts an interdisciplinary approach, and the courses are open to all undergraduate students from different faculties.

EPIN aims to foster entrepreneurship among students, through events that enrich their understanding of business and cultivate their creativity and perseverance. The curriculum simulates the process of creating a new venture and goes through the different stages of “ideation”, “realisation” and “commercialisation”. It helps students develop the relevant mindset (e.g. social responsibilities and proper conduct in research and development) and skill sets (e.g. problem solving, project management and business planning). To train the next generation of entrepreneurs, the curriculum is also complemented by internship programmes and start-up services.