@CUHK Series


EPIN is designed to promote innovation and inspire creativity in CUHK. Therefore, we will invite creators from different industries to host workshops for “Creativity@CUHK”. In these workshops, they will share their inspiring journey of creativity and explore the concept of creativity with students through interactive activities. We hope that “Creativity@CUHK” can complement EPIN’s curriculum and serve as a form of informal education that encourages students to think outside the box.

Workshops in the series

  1. Creativity by Coffee

    Hosting creator: Mr. Rocky Kam

    A CUHK alumnus of Hotel & Tourism Management, Rocky established his own coffee brand “Coffee Mountain” in 2013. He insists on promoting coffee in the most “Hong Kong” way and creating the best taste for Hong Kong people. He has collaborated with other brands to introduce the concept of “coffee pairing”, aiming to develop a coffee pairing database with an array of paired recipes for new coffee drinkers and even coffee making beginners. Rocky is not only an entrepreneur but also an inventor!

  2. Creativity by Music

    Hosting creator: Mr. Day Tai

    Some of Day’s works, “The Way We Dance”, “She Remembers, He Forgets” and “Weeds on Fire”, won the Best Original Film Song at the HK Film Awards. His film Project Gutenberg has also been nominated four times for the Best Sound Design at the HK Film Awards. Day is an all-rounded composer for commercials and films. He is a musician and record producer, a prominent figure in Hong Kong’s music industry.

  3. Creativity is… x EPIN Seeing myself from another perspective: short film & experience workshop

    Hosting organiser: Creativity is…

    Too often have we been told to “be yourself”, but how do we learn to value our authenticity? Most of us live under the pressure to conform, constrained by the expectations society imposes on us, and we have long lost the courage to show our true selves .

    “Creativity is…” is a project that aims to alleviate young people’s anxieties, create experience with them, help them understand themselves and redefine the meaning of their lives.

    “Creativity is…” also produced a short documentary of the same name. This documentary examines the reasons behind young people’s lack of creativity. It interviewed six guests from different fields and asked them to share their journey of pursuing creativity.

    • Cesar Jung-Harada, an inventor and the founder of “MakerBay”;
    • Chiu Chi-yue, a psychologist and the Dean of the Faculty of Social Science in CUHK;
    • Ren Wan, the founder of the pro-environmental-protection NGO “JupYeah”;
    • Quinn Lai, a serial entrepreneur and the co-founder of “EONIQ”;
    • Maggie Lin, a yoga instructor and the co-founder of “nose hk”;
    • Dylan Kwok, a space designer.
  4. Creativity by Wood

    Hosting creator: Mr. Ricci Wong

    A CUHK alumnus of Fine Arts, Ricci founded RAAW in 2016 focusing on public art installation design and interior design. In 2019, he founded HK Timberbank to recycle timbers fell during typhoons and turn them into meaningful social or product design, innovating the timber industry in Hong Kong. Ricci has more than 10 years working experience in architecture and art projects. He was awarded with numerous prizes including “2019 Perspective 40 under 40 Awards”

  5. Creativity by Beer

    Hosting creator: Mr. Kenneth Ho

    Mr. Kenneth Ho, a board member of the esteemed Hong Kong Craft Beer Association, takes great pride in actively participating in beer education. He is the co-founder of Hidden Gem, an exclusive beer experience crafted by four connoisseurs from Hong Kong. Mr. Ho is also an international beer judge with extensive experience in London and Asia. He is a passionate and dedicated advocate for the craft beer culture, striving to bridge the gap between the beer industry and beer enthusiasts.